Fauxfx does decorative painting for faux finished furniture, accessories and interiors.


I do a simple finish; such as rag, drag or sponge, to a more complicated faux finish such as certain marbles, Semi-precious stones, some Woodgraining and other bravura effects.


I have a workshop in Feckenham, Worcestershire where I paint furniture, accessories and samples but travel throughout the Country for interiors.


If there is a particular finish your searching for, please message me, I could always source a suitable effect and carry out some bespoke samples.


As I work in different mediums I offer a price scheme to suit all budgetry requirements according to your needs and offer something for all.


Into upcycling, so the idea is, if you already have an item you can't quite let go of but is aged let Fauxfx give it a new finish. Most of the stuff in the shop is found, given or bought in second hand for reasonable prices and upcycled.

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